Three-storey house in the suburbs of Moscow. 600 м2
The idea of building a country house in a chalet style appeared thanks to the unique landscape with a 13-meter elevation changes. This complicated natural structure allowed to create an unusual architectural volume. From the façade side there are two floors, and from the side of the steep slope this country house has three ones. Due to the location of the house on a slope it was possible to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and expenses on heating and air conditioning, as well as to improve the level of soundproofing.

The layout is typical for a modern chalet. The ground floor is a resting area, containing home theater system, a fireplace and a SPA area with a pool, a sauna, a hammam, a steam room, showers and a solarium. On the first floor there is a studio area, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and an office, a guest bathroom and a garage. The second floor is for host rooms, including two children's rooms, a guest room, a dressing room and a bathroom.
Aesthetics of European chalet was chosen as the basis of stylistic solutions. The main feature of this style is using natural materials in the facing and decoration: different types of wood (pine and walnut) which were previously artificially aged, stained and coated with wax, stone (granite and marble), ceramics and natural fabrics (linen, wool and cotton).

All the design elements — windows and shutters, interior doors, walls, stairs, banisters, beams and furniture, tables, beds and the bar are produced by a Russian carpentry workshop according to an individual author's project. The elegance and cleanness of the wooden elements are accented by the bronze hardware forged in a small private studio in Salzburg. Nails, gibs, barn locks, loops, pens and rim locks are aged and patinated. The unity of the decorative and stuctural material manages to create brilliant integrity of the interior.
Indispensable attribute of a country house in a chalet style is a fireplace. There are two of them: a wall fireplace on the ground floor and a suspended ceiling one in the living room.

The basic colors are warm color palette with pastel accents. The beauty of natural materials brings an extraordinary charm. Also art objects, fine paintings and «design icons» create a unique atmosphere in this country house.

Apartment in Moscow. 93 м2
This apartment is located in a new forty-storey building. The design concept was defined by the specific characteristics of the apartment — a free layout, high ceilings and plenty of windows. The original idea was to use the urban landscape and to fit it in the space of the apartment. Panorama of the city, framed by a thin «baguette» of windows openings, imparts the indescribable atmosphere.

The apartment has a two-parted plan. The studio connects the «public» part (entrance, hallway, living room, kitchen, dining room) with the «private» one (bedroom, dressing room, nursery and bathroom).
The apartment is made in a loft style which is accented by the original decoration of solid walls, faced with white ceramic tiles imitating the uneven surface of old brick, and, in addition, by using of materials with strong texture.

Primary colors — white, beige, ecru — with blue accents and different tints of wood make the interior more complete. Lights and a large number of reflective surfaces of polished wood, natural stone, metal, glass and mirrors make the interior more contrasting.
Lighting is a part of the system of «smart house». Designer chandeliers and ceiling lamps, providing even light stream, are complemented by torchères.

The furniture was made by European manufacturers according to an individual project. And icing on the cake are elegant and glamorous decor items.

Tatiana Staschuk

Specialization — architecture and design of private apartments, country houses and public buildings.
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